What we do

Expertise, attribute and assess works of art and antiques, advise and manage collections for sale and insurance.

How we do

We work interdisciplinary with experts from different disciplines and based on a registered process of work that allows to optimize times and resources in each investigation.

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Your query is welcome, we are available to help you and to be able to quote ad-hoc every project. From Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, we work for the whole world.

Our highlighted areas


Painting is one of the main artistic disciplines. The vast spectrum of styles, techniques, periods and artists obliges the experts to work interdisciplinarily since for their correct study there are specializations on the subject.


Goldsmithing is the artistic work done on utensils or ornaments of precious metals, or alloys of them. Gemology is that branch of mineralogy that is dedicated specifically to the study identification, analysis and evaluation of precious and semi-precious stones.


Furniture is a discipline within the expertise that studies the styles, composition, functionality, quality, materials and design of antique furniture. These pieces have the characteristic of being also functional pieces and of daily use.


Within the expertise is Numismatic work, a term that designates the study and collecting of coins and paper money issued by a nation with the official design of the country and the Philately which is the hobby of collecting and classifying stamps, envelopes and other Postal documents.


They are considered in the decorative arts all the functional objects or not, that have evolved towards an artistic object with the use of different materials like glass, porcelain, ceramics, wrought iron, noble woods, etc.


Studies of authenticity of signatures, manuscripts and all types of documents; attribution of authorship and seniority analysis. Any work or piece of art or collection that is signed, dated or dedicated can be analyzed by experts, as well as the documentary that is linked to it.

Projects created

Since 2012 we have worked on important projects of expertise, attribution and valuation of dozens of works of art and antiques. We have managed international collections and certifications, we have also made multimedia publications and international educational events such as ICAE (International Artwork Expertise).

GIVOA in the media

Work Process

Through a simple process and registered under copyright, Givoa opens a work file when you enter a request from the client and is called ad hoc to the team that will intervene in the investigation process saving time and resources can reach a solid conclusion  and scientifically proven with the support of INTI, finally obtaining the “Givoa Certification”
  • Review

    The organoleptic review of the piece in our offices or at the client's home allows us to design an ad-hoc budget for each need

  • Budget

    The budget is designed based on the need for time and resources to carry out the task entrusted, we have financing plans to make the project affordable

  • Investigation

    Once the budget has been approved, an interdisciplinary team is called, the witness works are released and the research project begins

  • Lab

    In case the project merits, it will be possible to carry out highly complex analyzes that scientifically support the research (Alliance with INTI)

  • Certification

    At this stage we are able to confirm, attribute or refute authorship or identity of a piece. Certification process begins


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