Who we are



We certify, authenticate and valídate pieces of art by means of research study, different work procedures and connections with the academic community. Givoa is directed by university graduates in Expertise and Valuation of Pieces of Art and it stands out not only because of our team’s technical knowledge but also because of the way we work and our commitment.


We aspire to be undisputed referents and a reliable source in expertise and valuation of pieces of art in the area. We aim to help eradicate the purchase and sale of fake pieces of art and cooperate with the justice processes concerning these pieces.



We stand out because of our extensive technical knowledge coming from our academic background and our great experience in the field.


We aim at having a close relationship with our customers, working together to help them achieve their aims.


We are very proud of being honest in our reports and research, we give detailed relevant information without omissions or fallacies.


We are highly committed with the preservation of the cultural heritage and with history.

Our Team

We are a Group of art professionals and interdisciplinary scholars devoted to valuation and authentication of works of art and antiques. Professional expertise, conservation and restoration, art history, gemology and public calligraphers. 

Mr. Gustavo Perino

Founder – Owner

Expert and appraiser of works of art, specialized in Painting and Education, responsible for Givoa.

Project owner and University professor.

Ms. Alejandra Leyba

Project Manager

National public calligrapher UBA University, SIPDO member and Specialist in Documentscopy University of Salamanca, project manager at Givoa.

Mr. Mario Florán


Expert and Valuator of works of art, specialized in Painting, Engraving and Sculpture.

University Professor.

Ms. Yanina Brosky


Expert and art appraiser and gemologist. Specialized in jewelry and gemstone appraisals. Graduated at UMSA and at the Educational Complex of Jewelry.

Ms. Jimena Lamela


Expert and appraiser of works of art, professor specialized in Furniture and educational coordinator of Givoa. Judicial Expert.

Mr. Lucas Bagdassarian


Graduated in Gemology in GIA (USA), Lic. In Economics and Master in Business Administration, specialist in jewelry and gemology.

Mr. Omar Cáceres


Expert of art, Professor of Painting (UMSA – University of Social Museum of Argentina). Judicial expert and undisputed referent in Argentinian´s Painters, specialist in the complete Work of Antonio Berni and his contemporaries. Artist. Art Expert in Bank of Buenos Aires until 1987.

Mr. Miguel Mónaco


Specialist in numismatics and medals (Argentinian and American), former member of the American Numismatic Association ANA Member 160711 and former member of the Numismatic Center of Buenos Aires.

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